w Gay Life

Despite the rumors that Russia is dangerous for gay community, let's be honest - there is Moscow and there is Russia.

But even so, Moscow is not so safety, as Berlin for example is: you can meet "unpleasant" people everywhere - from apps to places. You can be even robbed. Furthermore, government is not our ally either.

Private guide - is the best way not to go through empiritive experience and feel safe: just relax and have a good companion!

As for clubs and bars: the most crowded and fun days are Friday and weekends - so mind that and get fun!
Please mind also that we can accompany you there not later than till 3 a.m..

The rate for the night-tour is the same as for day-tour.

Please be advised, that we do not provide any sexual service or any help with such service searching!

During our visits we guarantee your safety and an extra oversight of your belongings.

You can find the best gay places below and find all the info by click on the photo!

Spa & cruising: