Welcome to Moscow!

Right now you've got a perfect chance

to get to know this famous city

by very truly way!

Let's look how!



We are Mike (right) and Kirill (left), co-founders of this project and main available guides for your day-tour!


We like so much to spend our time together positively and effectively in new places we come to explore - that we decided to share our experience and inspire other people to get best impressions out of the trip!

Both of us has wide travel, remarkable CouchSurfing and huge Moscow guiding experience: knowledge of many historical facts, best photo spots, "chillout" or "being active" places, events, gay places, and, of course, we have a perfect taste!

There are unquestionable advantages of taking us as your private guide:

     ✔ Unique and individual program, not limiting you in any kind

     ✔ History, local life and gay local life - all in a one

     ✔ Real care of your leisure, photos and food

     ✔ Cute gay friendly companion, which gonna be your friend :)

     ✔ NEW! You can ask us to accompany you wherever you want in Russia!



We ask for €220 (per 1-3 pax) as a reward for one day of guiding by one or both of us, which implies individual program for you lasting any hours quantity, but in general not more than 8 hours per day.


The best way to get to know Moscow is to book 2 or more day-tours with us, at least because Moscow is in 24 times larger than Paris e.g. ;) Moreover, you can ask us to accompany you in other nearby Russia cities!

We can put you through the best Moscow gay clubs and bars too!

Please be advised, that we do not provide any sexual service or any help with such service searching!

During our tour we guarantee your safety and an extra oversight of your belongings.

Take a final look at breathtaking Moscow places, that you can discover with us - and doubt no more!

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